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Opus Zero
9 August 2019

Paul (Willem Dafoe) is an American composer who travels to a remote Mexican village to settle his recently deceased father’s affairs. He discovers a photograph of a young woman belonging to his father whom he is determined to find. Using a prototype ‘real-time’ translation device, Paul ambles through the pueblo mágico of Real de Catorce asking bemused locals for the whereabouts of Marianne.

Soon, a three-person film crew arrives in town looking to complete a documentary, which they describe as a ‘story of opposites’. Daniel (Andrés Almeida) and Fernanda (Cassandra Ciangherotti) piece together seemingly unconnected vignettes of village life, unaware that a miracle is about to be gifted to them. Paul and Daniel eventually cross paths in the enigmatic village and the result is an intellectual joust staged within an ancient amphitheatre.

Opus Zero meditates on ideas of culture, philosophy and the nature of death with subtlety and ambiguity.

Premiered at the Los Cabos International Film Festival in 2017.

In English and Spanish

Mexico/Germany 2017, 84min, Cert 15

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