Cinema Releases - Aurora

The long awaited follow-up to The Death of Mr Lazarescu premiered at Cannes in May 2012 and is the second in his projected series of 6 films dealing with life in Romania.

Aurora is the story of the fall of an ordinary man – an imperfect fall without glory. The film follows Viorel for two days as he wanders Bucharest. A recently divorced father of two young daughters, Viorel is an engineer. At work, he has an altercation with one of his co-workers who owes him money and drops in on another employee who hands over two hand-made firing pins, prepared in secret, for a hunting rifle. Viorel wanders around Bucharest. Wherever he is, he feels the same strange nervousness, the same muffled anxiety and the same urge to end the instability that rules his life. He buys a rifle and ammunition, then goes back home to test his weapon...

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