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The Chambermaid
July 26 2019

Eve is a conscientious hotel chambermaid. Punctual and enterprising, paying close attention to the details, she hopes her impeccable professionalism will bring her promotion to the Hotel Presidente’s exclusive penthouse floor. Long, laborious shifts prevent Eve from caring for her child while she helps guests with their own children. Avilés records her day-to-day activities, from the detail of ensuring rooms are immaculately presented each morning to enrolling in the hotel’s adult education programme, which will help her chances of promotion. When things don’t result as planned, Eve transforms her lonely explorations and newfound courage into the necessary strength to face a life outside the glimmering tower.

Avilés’ impressive debut profits from a spare script and nuanced direction, while Gabriela Cartol’s breakout performance brings charisma and warmth to Eve. With its dry humour and sly observations about class, privilege and exploitation, The Chambermaid is a confident, compelling and deeply resonant piece of filmmaking.

World Premiere Toronto International Film Festival 2018 – Discovery

European Premiere San Sebastian International Film festival 2018 - New Directors Competition

Mexico's International Film Oscar entry
Marrakech International Film Festival - Prix du Jury
Winner Palm Springs International Film Festival - Cine Latino Award
Winner Portland International Film festival - Audience Award

Length 102 min
Original language

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