Cinema Releases - A Paris Education

A Paris Education
February 14th 2020

Étienne Tinan (Andranic Manet), a young and serious cinephile, leaves behind a sedate life in Lyon and his girlfriend (Diane Rouxel) of six years to study at a prestigious film school in Paris. There, he integrates into a bohemian student lifestyle. He is challenged and enthused by fellow intellectuals and his new classmates, Mathias (Corentin Fila) and Jean-Noël (Gonzague Van Bervesseles), with whom he shares artistic battles and discusses the merits of Bach, Baudelaire and Marlen Khutsiev. Cinematic references guide their conversations and they are self-aware that their tastes and approach to filmmaking dictate their status amongst ambitious competitors. However, it is against Mathias that Ètienne compares himself the most and their relationship becomes emotionally complicated when Annabelle (Sophie Verbeeck), a political activist, moves in with Ètienne. He doubts his work and seeks validation from Annabelle and Mathias, without which he begins to disappoint his closest collaborators and nearly lets down an entire production crew. Feeling at a loss, Ètienne reaches out to his ex, who makes him realise his own conceits. He must now find his own personality as a filmmaker and take strides in Paris without Mathias and Jean-Noël.

World Premiere - Berlin Panorma Section - 2018
UK Premiere - BFI London Film Festival - 2018

136 min/France/French with English subtitles/original title: Mes Provincialses  


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